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What is Wall Decal?
Wall decal or wall sticker is also known as point sticker. It's a creative, modern & easy way to decorate your wall instantly.

What is the different between wall decal & wall sticker?
Wall sticker is mostly colorful while decal is available only in plain color. Decal was cut from plain color vinyl sheet into certain design, visible from both sides & ideal for glass decoration.

Is wall decal same as wall paper?
No, wall decal is meant to decorate certain portions of your wall. It's a DIY concept, easy to apply and remove without damaging wall surface. No residues remain on wall upon removal.

Any tools require for installation?
No tools require for installation.

Some wall decals available in the market were found in low product quality. It peel off easily and damaging wall surface. What about stickers from
All stickers from were manufactured in Korea. We are proud of our product quality. The high quality adhesive at the back of sticker is providing a long lasting application & removal without damaging wall surface.

How long does a wall decal last?
A wall decal can last at least 5 years with proper installation. Please refer to our product information for installation guides.

Can I arrange self collection for my purchase?
Yes, self collection is available at Precint 9, Putrajaya on weekday 10am to 9pm or weekend 10am to 10pm. Appointment is required. Please call 03-88905661.

Can I re-allocate wall sticker/decal from one point to another?
Yes, wall sticker can be removed & reapply to another wall. Care should be taken during removal. Re-allocation for decal type design is not advisable.

How to install the wall decal sticker?
Installation is easy, just 3 steps needed as given below :-

- Confirm application area. Smooth surface condition required. Extreme rough surface may shorten adhesive holding time.
- Clean up surfaces with wet cloth to remove all dust, dirt & oil. Make sure surface is dry before proceeding to the next step.
- Confirm individual sheet location.
- Detach decal from base.
- Apply one sheet at a time.
- Start flatten decal surfaces from center by using a plastic card.
- Make sure decal stick firmly onto surfaces.
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